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Santos: Substance & Soul

Santos, painted wood carvings of saints, represent one of the oldest living traditions of religious devotion practiced by Hispanic Americans.


Santos: Substance & Soul exhibit to open at SI A&I September, 2000

Santos Photo Gallery

Santos: Substance & Soul Exhibit

Santos Suggested Reading Lists

Getting to the Heart and Soul of Objects of Reverence: Woods used in Santos: Their meaning and value in interpretation

A Closer Look at Santos

Una Mirada más Profunda a los Santos

A Closer Look: Santos from Puerto Rico

Our Story: Santos of Puerto Rico

You be the Conservator: Looking at Objects - Inside and Out - Educational Activity for children and teachers alike

A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico : Puerto Rico - La Visión de un Coleccionista

The Albuquerque Museum

Meet the Santeros Program -  January 6, 2001

Meet the Santeros Photo Gallery - January 6, 2001

Santos Exhibit at NHCCNM Photo Gallery - June 22-November 4, 2001

Family Day: Preservando los Santos – August 4, 2001

Workshop: Materials Used in the Making of Santos – August 5-7, 2001

Photo Gallery for NHCC Family Day and Santos Workshop - August 4-7, 2001

Exhibitions Opening at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Photo Gallery - December 13, 2001

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