Jia-Sun Tsang, in collaboration with curators of Visual Art Collection at NMAAHC, Dr. Jacqueline Serwer and Dr. Tuliza Fleming to conserve and care for paintings and painted artwork in Visual Art Gallery from 2007 to 2022.

The Visual Art Gallery highlights the important contributions of American artists of African descent through a historic and thematic lens. The exhibition explores subjects such as religion and spirituality, identity, struggle and protest, and history and heritage. The exhibition also represents the wide range of styles, media, and movements that African American artists have utilized to express themselves visually.

Jia-sun examines artworks, performs major treatment with the assistance of contractors and interns and fellows and the advice of MCI scientists Dr. Jeff Speakman, Nicole Little, Jennifer Giaccai, Dr. E. Keats Webb, Dr. Gwenaelle Kavich, Dr. Thomas Lam, and Janet G. Douglas.  She provides preventive care including for paintings in display and transit in collaboration with designers and museum specialists at NMAAHC for the Visual Art Gallery exhibitions and the related safe and sustantiable transport, handling, and hanging matters.   


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