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Together We Thrive MCI Summer 2023 Internship (Paid), Deadline for applications: 2/15/23

Spring 2023 Collections Internship - closing date 12/2/22

Job Opening: Director, Museum Conservation Institute, Closing Date: 11/1/22

Virtual Workshop Trains Law Enforcement to Disrupt Trafficking of Central Asian Cultural Property, Tweet from the @HeritageAtState US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. 4/5/22

Ed Vicenzi's (Research Scientist) SEM images were used by Jamie Weaver (Research Associate) in an artistic illustration of virion filtration by a microfiber COVID-19 mask. The illustration won 1st prize in the Fine Particle Art Competition of the American Association of Aerosol Research (AAAR) and is being used to advertise the AAAR 2002 Annual Conference. 4/22

Ed Vicenzi's (Research Scientist) microscopy images of face coverings used in the Royal Institution of Great Britain's 2021 Christmas Lectures are now freely available for viewing on the Institution's website - Lecture 2/3 entitled "Going viral: How Covid changed science forever - The perfect storm." 3/22

Rebecca Kaczkowski (Preventive Conservator) provided an invited contribution "Are we following the wrong rules?" exploring the term "best practice" and its impact on preservation decision-makers, in the WhatIsConservation blog series supported by the University of Delaware Art Conservation Department. 2/22

Going viral: How Covid changed science forever - The perfect storm, Royal Institution of Great Britain's Christmas Lectures 2021 hosted by England's Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jonathan Van-Tam 12/29/21

The work of the Smithsonian, including MCI staff Jessica S. Johnson (Head of Conservation), Brian M. Lione (International Cultural Heritage Protection Program Manager), and Katharyn Hanson (Cultural Heritage Preservation Scholar), was acknowledged in a World Monuments Fund Press Release World Monuments Fund Collaborates on Design for Mosul Cultural Museum Rehabilitation, with posts on Twitter, and Facebook.

The Rehabilitation of the Mosul Museum, Iraq, 7/20/21

Iraq's Cultural Museum in Mosul is on the Road to Recovery, 2/19/21

Heritage and Capacity Building in Iraq Today, SCRI Facebook Live, 6/30/20

Face Coverings Made from Layered Cotton Fabric Likely Slow the Spread of COVID-19 Better Than Synthetics, New Study Finds, 6/29/20
Smithsonian Research Online citation

Helping Recover and Preserve Cultural Heritage in Iraq, 2/24/20

Forgery Forensics: How the Smithsonian Helped Identify Two Stolen Columbus Letters: Using modern technology to examine 500-year-old documents, 10/21/19

Unraveling the history and science behind ancient decorative metal threads, 8/27/19

How to Preserve Artworks in a Microbial World, 12/7/18

Using science to enhance our understanding of the Ruby Slippers from the 1939 classic film, The Wizard of Oz, 11/8/18

Materials characterization of the Ruby Slippers from the 1939 classic film, The Wizard of Oz, 11/7/18

Jaguar and puma captivity and trad among the Maya: Stable isotope data from Copan, Honduras, 9/12/18

Chemical analysis of bones fills gaps in history, 5/17/18

A Comparison of Common Mass Spectrometry Approaches for Paleoprteomics, 1/31/18

Book Review: Hans Hofmann: The Artist's Materials by Dawn Rogala, 12/16/17

Mission aims to salvage what's left of Nimrud, 9/29/17

Peptide Mass Fingerprinting Can Identify Whale Species Based Solely on Their Baleen, 8/30/17

In Sync: Ancient Chinese bronze bells at the Smithsonian, 3/17

A Portrait of Immortality, Faded, 7/20/13

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