The bouquet holder project began with a request from Smithsonian Gardens for treatment of its large collection of bouquet holders (252) prior to digitization. The majority were made of silver or were silver plated and had tarnished over time; a few were broken. During subsequent examination and treatment, it was observed that details of fabrication could be used to identify where most were made, hitherto not well established because only a few have maker’s marks. Further technical study and research led to solid attributions for most holders in the collection, leading to a book in process intended to assist owners in identifying their holders. The bouquet holder illustrated here is French by virtue of its vitreous enameled handle containing silver and gold foil decorations. Its gilt-brass vase is also enameled in light blue, and the guilloche band and adjacent stamped decorations are replicated on two other holders in the collection, identifying them as French as well.